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[Tablet Review] Samsung Galaxy Tab8

Recently purchased the SkyFi III device and was happy to see Sky Safari 6 was supported by my elderly Samsung Tab 8.  I have encountered NO issues whatsoever at this point.

The SkyFi is a piece of pie to set up and has brought new interest to using my Meade ETX125 (original version).  I was a little skeptical of the wireless device, but I have to say it has met ALL my expectations and THEN some.  Eliminating the cord tangle at the telescope and tethering the ETX handset to a PC of some sort is well worth the cost.

I have had a copy of Sky Safari dating back to the Southern Stars time period.  I recently upgraded the software on my Samsung S7 phone (version 6) and then proceeded to take the plunge and purchase the interface.

Tempe, AZ

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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you for your tablet review and SkyFi feedback, Bill!

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