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Questions about StarSense set up on a Celestron NexStar Evolution 8HD using SkySafari 6 Pro on MacOs and SkySafari 7 Pro on IOS

Hello Community ūüėÉ
Love my SkySafari software and Celestron gear but have a few best practice questions so many thanks in advance for the help.
I have a Celestron NexStar Evolution 8HD with StarSense. 
I have SkySafari 6 Pro on MacBook MacOs and SkySafari 7 Pro on IOS (iPad/iPhone)
I assume that best practice is to use one or the the other SkySafari / Apple bundles for calibrating, aligning and general operation of the telescope. Correct?
It seems logical that doing calibration and alignment on say,  the Mac running SS6 Pro and then another day using SS7 Pro on an iPad to operate the telescope is just asking for problems. Thoughts?
Would you say that best practice is to use the hardware and software combination used to calibrate and align as the only tool set to use in a given observation session?  (Is one software and Apple hardware combination better than the other for the kit I've got? ( SkySafari 6 Pro on MacOs Vs. SkySafari 7 Pro on IOS. ? )
Best guess perfered to go with later Version SkySafari 7 Pro on IOS software.)
Seems to me that even if one was running the same SkySafari version on MacOs and IOS  which ever hardware was used initially to calibrate and align will have the offset and other data needed to drive the telescope properly and switching hardware would cause problems.
Given the fact that I have been operating the¬†telescope with my MacBook,¬†iPad¬†and even my¬†iPhone,, is there a factory reset I¬†should conduct to¬†‚Äúclean‚ÄĚ the machine and then just use¬†only one hardware/software combination going forward?
Also, I am confused about giving StarSense additional alignment references after  calibrating and auto aligning.  
I believe that once calibration and initial alignment are completed one can have the telescope go to upto 10 ? more planets or stars for additional alignment input?
Is this correct? And is the process simply to enter a star or planet then initiate Go To command and (If needed) make slew adjustments to center the target in the eye piece and then enter align command??
Thanks for the help


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    Keiron Smith


    Using SS7 + Celestron WiFi on iOS results in an alignment model that is stored in the SkySafari app.  Same when using MacOS.

    So, it is not possible to align with iOS and then switch to MacOS and expect to maintain any kind of accuracy.  And vice versa.

    Choose your OS for the observing session and stick to it.


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    jeffrey billings

    Thanks Keiron :)

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