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How Come SS7 Keeps Disconnecting From Nexus DSC WiFi After 30 Seconds?

Dear Madame, Dear Sir,

I need to write to you as I don't find a solution to my issue that I have since 2020, the time I received my SkyVision Dobson equipped with a goto and Nexus DSC. I use the Skysafari 6Pro and since 2021 the version 7Pro.

I keep re-configurating the wifi with the right IP address. I can connect for 30 sec or 1 minutes then it disconnects. I restart to connect then a little while later, it disconnects again.

The setup on Skysafari is strictly identical to your webpage. I even change channel on Nexus DSC, but the issue remains. I can be isolated outside without any other wifi around, the problem remains also.

Please help me, would you have any idea how to resolve this issue?



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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Thierry Humblet

    Good Morning all,

    I spent my evening, investigating on this disconnection between Skysafari and the Nexus DSC.

    To summarize, even the basic rule applied as select the right WIFI and choose the right IP address and port 4060, it was connecting and after a while it was diconnecting. Saying that, I tested the reaction after changing the following setup.

    Disconnection keep occuring when changing set-up below:

    1) Adresse IP changed from to 10.0.02 (to be changed on Nexus, and on Skysafari setup, and on Nexus DSC wifi on IOS set-up manually)

    2) Changing channel from 1 to 5 or 3

    On IOS with Iphone; in the setup of the NexusDSC wifi:

    3) Unselect Private WIFI Address -> so I selected back again

    4) Unselect reduced data mode 

    BUT what it made the difference for me (left the Skysafari and nexus more then 15 minutes without disconnecting itself) :

    I unselected Auto connexion on the Iphone setup _  NexusDSC wifi setup, even there are other WIFI around. It works for me.

    I will keep trying in coming nights (when this bloomy weather will become nice, one day...;)

    I hope this will help for any of you too.


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    Keiron Smith


    You said:

    "The setup on Skysafari is strictly identical to your webpage."

    ^^^ Please reply with a link to that web page.

    "I unselected Auto connexion on the Iphone setup _  NexusDSC wifi setup"

    ^^^ Please reply with a screenshot of this too.

    Excellent troubleshooting!

    Thanks for your reports!

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    Thierry Humblet

    Hi Keiron,

    Yes... you are right, I referred to the following web page explaining how to connect SkySafari with Nexus, it has a bit of dust but still relevant:

    Nexus & SkySafari | Astro Devices

    Please find the print screen of the NexusDSC wifi setup showing the particular unselection (as I live in french part of Switzerland, my Iphone shows menu in French, but you should easily find the selector on your English version,  LOL Sorry for my French :) )

    Please feel free to contact if needed.


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    Keiron Smith


    Please include the following info:

    1. App and version.  See Help > scroll to the bottom
    2. OS version
    3. Device make and model


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