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How to sign into the Community Forums - required for posting and replying to topics.


When you try to Post or Reply to a topic in the Community Forums you will be asked to Sign-In.  

Here are your Sign-In options:


Option #1: Social Media Single Sign-On: Facebook, Google, Twitter

The first time you choose to sign in to Simulation Curriculum Support using one of your social accounts, you will be prompted to authorize that account to be used with Simulation Curriculum Support.

After that one time authorization is completed, you will be seamlessly signed in to Simulation Curriculum Support. On subsequent visits, when clicking the social sign-in button and, if you're already signed in to the account, you'll be immediately signed in to Simulation Curriculum Support. If you aren't already signed in with the social account, you'll be prompted to do so.

Your social account sign-in credentials (username and password) are never shared with Simulation Curriculum.  What is shared is the primary email address contained in the social account. As mentioned above, Simulation Curriculum needs this so you can communicate with the user via email.



Option #2: Standard Sign-In

You can also use this option to sign up/register for a Simulation Curriculum Support account.  After signing up/registering you will need to verify your email address (look for a follow up email from us) and also create a Simulation Curriculum Support account password.

You can then sign in to the Simulation Curriculum Help Center & Community Forums using your email address and password.




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