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How to Setup Starry Night Orion Edition Telescope Control with iOptron SmartStar/Blue Cube having 8402G Hand Control with USB Port


I want to use the Starry Night Orion Edition to drive my iOptron Smart Cube GoTo Mount. When I start up the Starry Night software and select the "Telescope" tab there is a "Configure" button. Clicking the "Configure" button gives a drop down list of supported telescopes. My iOptron Smart Cube GoTo Mount is not listed so can you recommend which telescope I should select to use in this configuration? Maybe: (a) Celestron Scope Driver or (b) Meade Classic and Autostar1? Does it matter which telescope I select in this "Configure" setting?  How would I know which telescope to select?  Maybe there should be a "General Telescope" in the list. 

I am planning to buy the SKYFi3 wireless so that I can use my laptop to run Starry Night to drive the telescope.  Will this change any of the "Configure" settings?

William Miller



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