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separate groups for iOS, macOS, and Android

At last we're free of the yahoos. One request for the forum. I like the idea of narrower interest sub- groups. Please do the same for software. I'm only interested in iOS and macOS, not Android. Their problems are not related to issues on Apple platforms and are of no interest to me.



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    Bill Tschumy

    Great suggestion.  We are going to create separate forums for:

    • Software Apps (iOS)
    • Software Apps (Mac)
    • Software Apps (Android)

    Should be there soon.

    This won't solve the problem of you seeing someone with an iOptron problem that happens only on Android, when he posts in the iOptron forum, but it will probably get rid of the bulk of the irrelevant (to you) info.

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    Keiron Smith

    An excellent idea - and, at your service, the new forums are now available :)

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    Thanks for the quick response. Everyone has their own set of niches, all different. This serves everyone the best.

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