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Show or Hid Planets and the Moon


The moon that orbits our planet is not a planet yet options related to the planets, such as show or hide, affects the moon as well. Suggestion here is to add a choice of showing or hiding our moon and separating that activity from showing or hiding planets.




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    Bill Tschumy

    The moons and planets are considered in the same category for things under the "Planet & Moon Display" section.  Probably the option should be called "Show Planets & Moons".  I don't think we will make the interface more complex by having separate options for showing moons and planets.  I just don't think most people will care and generally you want to turn them on and off together.

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    I can't disagree with you. I am learning enormously from this software and while I do realize there are other moons in the solar system I find our moon to be a very prominent feature of my astronomy endeavor which is astro-imaging. I need the moon turned on, with its phases so that I can figure out when the best time is to be out there. And as I simulate events, there are these other planets that are also very bright that cross the screen. Since I have the display names turned off I sometimes mistake them with bright stars.


    Thanks for having considered.

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    Ed Hubble

    Another option is download one of the dedicated Moon apps such as Moon Calendar or Moon.  You can quickly discover the Moon phases, see them on a weekly or monthly calendar (depends upon app).  I'm assuming that you're wanting to avoid the Moon, not photograph it!

    Another app, Moon Globe, will show you a host of features on the Moon itself.  As will Sky Safari, but every app has its niche! 

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