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Getting the proper driver to work starry night pro 7 on windows 10

Hi, My name is Paul. I am having a problem finding the proper driver for Starry Night pro 7 to work with my windows 10 OS and my Atlas EQ mount. On my other laptop with windows 7 I had installed the Celestron Next star 5 driver to get program communicating with my mount. I do have the latest ASCOM platform, I then downloaded Celestron drivers off the ASCOM site without any luck. I look forward to hearing any ideas anyone has on my issue.

Thank you

Paul May   


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    Keiron Smith

    HI Paul, 

    Please see these other community forum post here:

    EQMOD can be found here:

    Please let me know if this helps.


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    Hi Keiron,

    Thanks for your reply. EQMOD definitely appears to be the way to go with this issue. I purchased the USB2EQ6 cable from shoestring Astronomy and I am now able

    to control my Atlas mount via my computer. I still need a clear night to check everything out, but it looks very promising ( no need for firmware updates or for that matter no need for a hand controller at all).  I guess more then anything else it was a matter of familiarity with be. I have been used to using the hand controller, at least in setting up the initial 3 star alignment. There appears to be many more options when using EQMOD.


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    Keiron Smith

    Excellent Paul!  Please continue to update this post with feedback regarding your experience setting up EQMOD.  That way, we can also help future users like yourself, who are also setting down this path for the first time.  And, if you encounter a showstopper I'm here to help.


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