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Connecting two different kinds of telescopes

I'm trying to figure out what kind of connectors/adapters I would need to connect two different telescopes to SkyBT but could not locate detailed specs on your site.  I have a Celestron 8SE and very shortly will add encoders to a manual 12 1/2" Alt-Az Dobsonian. The encoders (US Digital) and mounting hardware will come either from Astro Devices or Astro Systems, but I believe both use an RJ-45 connector. What is the input jack used by SkyBT and are the pin-outs standard? I want to know for certain that I will be able to connect either telescope.

As an aside, Astro Devces has a bluetooth device also (BETI), but the owner/developer states that it will not work with an SE mount, so I'm wondering if your device is similar, except in reverse...(will work with SE mount but not with a home made dob with encoders.)

I would appreciate any information you could provide.

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    Bill Tschumy

    SkyBT looks (electrically) just like an RS-232 jack on a PC.  Of course, since PCs no longer have those, it looks just like the RS-232 on a USB-to RS232 converter.  You will need to get the appropriate serial cables to connect the scope to a PC and it should work.

    SkyBT/SkySafari will work with a Celestron SE mount.  It will also work with most basic encoder system computers (NGC-Max, AstroMaster, etc).  It will not work with raw encoder inputs.

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