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Celestron/AVX/StarSense/Skysafari Pro

I tried to find a solution to the above OTA not working several months ago, but couldn't. I thought I would try 1 more time.

Equipment: EdgeHD, StarSense, SkyFi 3, AVX mount. SkySafari Pro, iPad mini.

I had spent some time both with Celestron and SSC to be sure I had all the correct firmware versions.  We even tried a new SkiFi 3 with the recent version loaded, and used 2 different USB cables to exclude a defective cable.  My setup using the StarStanse HC alone works without problems.  Likewise if I use the Nexstar HC (no StarSense) connected to SkyFi 2 with a serial connection cable, I have no problem signing on to the WFi network and using SkySafari Pro runnng on my iPad mini.  Also I am I am sure I have the right telescope settings selected in SkySafari, but get the message "WiFi connection is made but the telescope is not responding....". Either this combination of equipment does not work or we have not been able to find what the problem is.  It would be reassuring if others can get this combination to work, if not, ....


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    Bill Tschumy

    I'm going to respond in a ticket that Mike has open with us.  But if anyone else has any info, feel free to chime in.

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