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Skysafari 5 + skyprodigy + StarSense + rs232 to wifi

Hi Team,

I have skysafari 5 plus on iphone and mac and rs232 to wifi from
My telescope is skyprodigy 130 with StarSense. I tried all scope types, but none of them can connect to skysafari.

I read,
still no luck. 

Can you please confirm if this setup could work and send me instruction if it does.
Please tell me which scope type should i choose to start.



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    Bill Tschumy


    I believe this should work although we can't really provide too much support for a non-Simulation Curriculum Wi-Fi device.

    1. Probably the "NexStar GPS/SLT/SE" option is what you want.

    2. Are you using the correct Celestron serial cable?  A random serial cable will likely not work.  

    3. You might have to look into the pinouts for the US Convertors device.  It is possible they have reversed some pins.  

    4. Try disconnecting the StarSense camera to see it that allows you to connect.

    5. If the Set Time & Location is ON in the Scope Setup settings, try with it OFF.


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    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I tried last night, it can connect via "starmaster sky tracker"(the only one), but not slew the scope at all and the skysafari itself is not responsive or slow. Does it mean the serial cable is working? 

    If the problem is pinouts of the US Convertors device, i will need to change the pinouts of the serial cable to match?

    I also tried "NexStar GPS/SLT/SE" and it cannot connect.

    I will give it another try tonight.

    Clear skies!


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    And the camera is build-in in skyprodigy, not sure if i can disconnect it.

    I did not align the scope before connecting skysafari, is that a problem?

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    Bill Tschumy

    Yeah, you can't use the SkyTracker setting.  That will never work.  You need one of the NexStar options.

    Where did you get the serial cable you are using?  Did it come with the scope?

    With most Celestron scopes you do not need to align first before trying to connect.  Not sure if having the StarSense on there makes a difference.

    If the pinouts are wrong, it is probably only send & receive reversed.  In that case you would need a Null Modem adapter which reverses these.

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