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T. Jittasaiyapan

I am using Starry Night Pro6. I am planning to propose to a astronomical institution to produce materials to use as publication (not for profit as the institution is non-profit organisation) about the constellations seen in my country and best DSOs in that particular constellations which all the DSOs provide by my own efforts. I just think it will be good if I can have the wide field image of each constellations when it is rising in my location. I just want to ask whether I could use the star chart from Starry Night to blend in with my own silhouette scenery images (to make it like local horizon) with full credit to the software owner? The charts if included will be a small part of my materials. Do I need to pay for the right to use it and how much I need to pay? Who I need to ask for the permission to use the software as such? Please suggest. The main purpose is for public education, to encourage them to have more interest in astronomy.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Tragoolchitr,

    Did you get an answer for this question?



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