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skysafari V4 (1.8.5) Alignment with basic encoder system


Patrick Dutoit

Mar 25, 05:00 EDT

Hello, here is Patrick from France.
I am trying to implement a home made push-to dobson (ALT-AZ) telescope with DSC encoders. The DSC controller is a RPi and the communication is done via wifi dongle between RPi and the control device (tablet). For displacement, all works fine. The telescope cursor move well. But when I try to align to a specific object (star). The telescope cursor gets back to its original position. Whatever I do, I obtain same result. I sniffed the communication channel when doing an align and no characters are exchanged between the DSC controller and Skysafari. So I wonder what is the problem. Is it a bug on the version I own ?
Great thanks for your answer.
Best Regards

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    Bill Tschumy

    What do you mean when you say "The telescope cursor gets back to its original position".  What do you mean by "original position"?  


    1. I assume the settings are set to "Alt-Az Push To" for the mount type? 

    2. Have you previously aligned the scope using just the DSCs?  SkySafari implements its own alignment algorithm so it is not necessary to first align the DSC.

    3. Does this have on the very first star you try to align on?

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