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Dome control

Starry Night already has telescope ASCOM telescope control. Adding dome control would be a great addition too.


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Thanks, Tim, for your feedback.  This would not be implemented in the near future, but is now under review!

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    Pyp Hb

    What would be great is if some developers just added support for G-code/3d printer driver boards.

    All the required hardware + additional inputs to control almost any cartesian coordinate style device.

    Scopes, domes, anything really.. 

    I've used a bog standard 2012 gen6 printer board/gcode to control servo steering on a robomower.

    PWM Heaters, temp probes, stepper control, endstops, autohome, distance probes, doors, filament sensors.

    Serial, bluetooth, wifi, 32bit boards/arm/arduino.  

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