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Dim Brightness of the Top Bar a Bit

The bar at top of the main window can be distracting. Can it be turned a little less bright?


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    This is the very same problem I ran into and posted here two years ago when I asked that the F8 key (the "Hide All Controls" feature) be restored, as had existed in I'm guessing every previous version of SNP.  The problem is, the controls and especially the white search field/box are distracting in a darkened room (and the white search field/box is glaring).  If you can't or do not wish to restore the F8 key, letting people dim the controls would at least help.  I hate that I still use SNP Plus 6 in my classroom talks because of this problem with the distracting control bar brightness.

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    There are many ways, I am sure, this can be programed as a "user preference". The reason I am saying that is because I use a Surface PC in the field and everything about it is pretty compact, and its keyboard is no exception to that, and in fact I am hoping that one day SN would be fully compatible with Surface PC's so that I can use the PC without its keyboard and like a tablet. Right now I need the keyboard.



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