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Celestron USB vs Mac OS X | USB-to-Mini USB Cable Not Recognized

A few Celestron USB users on Mac OS X have struggled to have their USB-to-Mini USB cables recognized by OS X; that the USB option is not available in Telescope Connection Settings when connected to the scope via the cable.  One possible solution is to install the driver found here:

Download File:

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    Chris Watson

    Having bought the CGX mount with an EdgeHD 11", I don't know how many times I plugged the Nexstar+ HC into MacBook pro with a USB cable only to have the celestron CFM software not find the HC. Celestron documentation... sucks... and that's putting it as nice as possible. It's out dated, inaccurate, and I really don't even know why they bother to include any since its so inaccurate and outdated. They mention nothing about needing a driver on the mac to recognize the HC. They also give completely wrong information on how to update the HC once it is recognized.

    My manual says to plug the HC into the mount, then plug it into the mac. Press the celestron logo button and the #7 on the HC, while then turning on the mount. All of which is wrong. I could never get it to work that way. What does work is simply downloading the above driver or the latest version of it from the website listed above, install it, reboot the mac, and plug the HC into the mac and run the CFM software. Then the CFM software detects the HC, and updates it easily. No having to press a button combo on the pad, or even have the mount around. As it should be. Celestron ought to be embarrassed about it's documentation. It took me months of stumbling around to find a post mentioning the link to the USB driver for the Mac that made everything work. I even run the latest beta of OS X, high sierra, and it works fine. In case anyone is wondering about that.



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