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Android App of the SkySafari Pro 5 App

Will the Android App used on A Chromebook or Pixel Phone be able to work offline? Will I be able to control my telescope and use all portions of the application if wifi or cell phone access is not available? I plan on going to a remote area in the Sierras to star gaze, I know WiFi or mobile access will not work at the location I intend to use this application.  How much space does this application need?


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    Bill Tschumy

    Yes, everything related to scope control can be done without an internet connection.  We designed this to be used in the field.

    There are some features that do require an internet connection but they are not critical to the functioning of the app.  

    1. Downloading new orbital elements of asteroid, comets and satellites

    2. Using the Night Sky Network to see what events are happening in your area.

    3. Downloading Digital SkySurvey images of deep sky objects.

    The Pro app on Android is around 1.75 GB.  Plus is 584 MB.  The app must be installed on the internal SD card and cannot be move to an external card.

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