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Starry Night 7 with CGX mount

I have just purchased CGX mount. I tried to connect to CGX mount from Starry Night 7 on Windows 10 with using USB.

At least my PC detect the COM port as COM3.

But Starry Night can't connect to CGX mount.


I choose "Celestron Telescope Driver" at configuration panel and choose COM3.

Then push "Connect" button. But I got an error message "Connect to COM3 failed, no Celestron scope detected."

What wrong on my environment? What should I do for next?

Does anyone know how to connect to CGX mount and control it from Starry Night 7?


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    An excellent result, Fumio!  Thanks for sleuthing out the solution and sharing what you learned here.  Enjoy SN7 and clear skies!

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    I found my mistake. I should connect to the hand controller instead of connecting to the mount directly.

    Then, I could control CGX mount.




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