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SSPro5 on Ipad 2 mini crashes with Evolution 8 after the last update

My SSPro5 worked fine on Ipad mini 2 with Evo 8 until yesterday. Only later did I realize that it was updated on May 12.

Could not even complete alignment, on the first or second alignment star it would freeze or continue slewing while the app is frozen. On one ocassion it started a wild slew. Restarted several times, everyone shut down their phones, nothing, We were in a rural area.

Tried today at home, same. Freezes immediately.

Tried Sky Portal, works fine on both Ipad mini 2 and Samsung S4.

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    Bill Tschumy

    I've had couple of folks on Cloudy Night report the same thing.  It seems to be related to Celestron Wi-Fi.  Celestron did make some code changes that could be responsible.  I will email them tomorrow and see if they have any ideas.


    Sorry for the problems.

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