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Skysafari 5 pro IOS lockup

I am having Skysafari pro v stop responding every 1 minute to couple minutes, with no response for 35 to 55 seconds.
I am connected to a Celestron Evolution 9.25 scope (new version) with built in WiFI with a Ipad air, IOS 10.3.1
WiFi signal stays strong, it does not drop.
Skysafari simply quits responding for the 35 to 55 seconds then starts responding normally again for another couple minutes before no response.
I do not get any errors from skysafari, just no response.
Up until last night everything was responding/working OK.
I checked this morning and it is still doing the same random lockup/no response.
I have tried Skysafari pro with my Nexstar+ hand controller and my Starsense HC, and have the same issue.
I have never had this issue up until now.

Also Note: this does not seem to be happening with the latest skyportal software.

Anyone else having this kind of problem?

(posted to support site also)

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    Keiron Smith Official comment


    There is an issue(s) with the latest release of SkySafari affecting those who are using the Celestron Evolution telescopes.  Celestron is aware of the issue, and is working on a solution at this time.

    The workaround might be to download and use the Celestron SkyPortal app.  It has been reported that Celestron SkyPortal is not affected in the same way that SkySafari has been. 

    Hang in there.  We will get a fix released as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience at this time.

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