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SkySafari does not detect Starsense

I use SkySafari Pro and SkyFi III to control my Celestron Advanced CG-5 mount (with proper port splitter) and recently added Celestron Starsense to the setup. Both work fine independently, that is, using my iPad for control with my older Nextstar hand control or using the new Starsense hand control alone, without SkySafari.  However,  SkySafari does not work together with Starsense. After connecting through SkyFi, SkySafari does not detect Starsense automatically as stated.  When attempting an align, SkySafari just does the usual sync on the object selected rather than initiating the Starsense Auto Align procedure. Am I missing something?


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Hi Charles,

    SkySafari detects StarSense when using the "Celestron Wi-Fi" scope type option.  Celestron WiFi is available through the Evolution (built in) Wi-Fi network, and the Celestron Wi-Fi (aka SkyQLink) modules, hardware that plugs into your Celestron scope AUX port, and that creates a Wi-Fi network.  

    SkyFi 3 does not detect StarSense, and is not advertised as such.  If you would like to return the SkyFi 3 for this reason, please open a support ticket.


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    Charles Real

    Thank you for your quick response, I will open a support ticket for a return.

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