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Observation List Improvements

I agree with many of the improvements suggested by others in regards to Observation Lists and Sessions.  Here are a couple more that I would see being useful:

1.  While I love the ability to hide observed objects from a list, I think it might still be useful to be able to see if an object has ever been observed, on any list, when simply looking at the object info. 

2.  When viewing object info, I love the feature that allows you to click on a clock icon to go to a specific time (rise, transit, set, etc.) for that object.  I would really like to add another one of these to the observation detail for an object when it's been observed, allowing me to go back in time to when and where I observed that object from to compare it to the current positioning, rather than manually entering the exact date and time.

3.  Is there not a way to import a list that someone sends you if it's not in the online repository?  I know that you can do this by dropping the actual file into the Observing Lists folder in file manager, but within the application I haven't seen how to do this. 



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    Jeffrey Herrera

    Just to add so as not to start a new topic, the ability to hide observed objects across all existing observation lists. Currently if I use the advanced search features to create an observation list, I can't hide the objects that I have already observed from other existing observation lists. 


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