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Dual Monitor Support

Allow user to place panels or windows (like Skyguide, Graph, Search Results) on a second monitor.

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    I have also been wondering if this would make sense...for now I use virtual monitor spaces or GiMeSpace 3D to accomplish something similar...since I do not know if these panels are tied to the viewer window to which they belong (which I sense is/would be best so different viewer windows can have different 'options' settings) then I can continue to use this virtual monitor/GMS approach.

    One related significant issue I have encountered is that when I open .snf files, they seem to only open in the main viewer window (=1st Starry night window) rather than in the viewer window in which I click File>open. 

    Do you encounter this as well?  If so I will add a feature request to have the .snf open into the viewer from which the file was selected.

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