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Missing/Incorrect Solar System Info

As noted back in August 2016, there is some missing/bad solar system information in SS5 Pro, and presumably the other versions.  I know that, at the time, Tim was having trouble locating orbital elements for these and wanted to make sure it was done correctly. These are pretty minor but I noticed at least Dysnomia was in Starry Night Pro.


Just wanted to bring something to your attention; the moons of many of the Dwarf planets besides Pluto are not found when searched. Examples include:

Eris - Dysnomia
Haumea - Namaka, Hi'iaka
Makemake - MK 2

Additionally, the description for Makemake needs to be updated now that a moon has been discovered (April 2016), as it currently says Makemake has no satellites.


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    Bill Tschumy


    We plan to add the new moon data to SkySafari 6.

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    Thanks Bill!

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