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SkyBT intelliscope help

So, I purchased a SkyBT for compatibility with multiple android devices and a xt10i intelliscope.  I was using SkyFi previously with no issues, and that still works (ipad).

I can pair the SkyBT without issue but am getting a connection failure every time.  "SkySafari Pro can make a wireless connection to the scope, but the scope is not responding".

I believe my setup to be correct and within the application as well.  Any ideas?


Thank you!


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    Bill Tschumy


    Are you using the same serial cable with the SkyBT as you are using with SkyFi?  

    I assume you are using an Android device to connect to the SkyBT?  iOS cannot do serial communication via Bluetooth so this will never work from your iPad.

    If you are using Android and the same serial cable, I would suspect you have something slightly different in your scope setup settings.  Double check those.

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