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Even More Observation List Requests


I know there have been a bunch of observation list requests already and that the SkySafari Development Team intent is to beef up that section. 

Here are some more thoughts, my apologies for any repeats -I've tried to keep that to a minimum...

1. From “Object Info” Screen – Indicator if object was ever observed. Also be able to link from indicator to “Observations” screen

2. From Object Info --> “Observations” screen – (third swipe to the left rather than a tap of the “more” label)

         2A. ‘Quick Glance’ view of info across ALL recorded observations:

               a.Number of Times Observed

               b. First Time Observed

               c.Last Date/Time Observed

               d.Highest Rated Observation [Requires a ‘Rating Scale’ field]

               e.Best Seeing Conditions/Location [Auto calculated-defaulted to most recent]

               f. Favorite Filter [Requires a “Filter” field in “Equipment” and ability to set as favorite]

               g.Favorite Magnification [mag auto calculated from equipment specs and ability to set as favorite for object]

      2B.  Ability to search (downloadable) database of observations, Sketches, & internet photos for selected object.

 3.Within Actual “Observation” Entry Area:

            a. Add Filter field [requires “Filters” as entry in “Equipment”]

            b.Add SQM field [separately add the more general Bortle Scale field and/or NELM field to “Location”]

            c/d.Add Wind Speed and Temperature fields

            e.Add pop-up rudimentary finger sketch w/ pre-defined shapes to choose from. May work great w/ iPads, Galaxy Note, etc.

 4.From "Search" --> Custom Observation Lists area:

             a.Ability to hide/display objects within individual Observation Lists if “Ever Observed” i.e. even if observed from any other list.

             b.“Advanced Search” Add filters for Objects based on various “Observation” field(s) e.g. Rating, Filter Type, Date Range, Magnification,                            Location, and... Ability Restrict to observation list(s) or All lists

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    LOVE some of these ideas, specifically, 1, 2, 3b, 4a.  


    For 2B, this is the feature I go to other apps for the most...I would love the ability to see the observation notes from someone else, such as Steve Coe or Steve Gottlieb.  They've got notes for maybe every NGC and they are very helpful when at the eyepiece.  


    I also currently put the SQML reading in for each of my observations, would be cool to have a field for it as well

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