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Transit Time, Thumbnails, Object Type Granularity

Hi again,

A couple more requests and I promise to leave you alone for a while :) 

  • I would find it easier to use the important “Transit Time” Sort in Common Object Lists & Custom Observation Lists, if the objects were visibly grouped by the hour of Transit. This way I could easily scroll to my current hour or an upcoming hour to see what objects are closest to that hour. At the moment, although it does sort by Transit Time, it is very tedious to guesstimate the actual Transit Time closests to the hour I'm looking for at a glance. I have to click the object and the open Object Info to see the actual Transit Time. My suggestion would visually appear as a little “9pm” over the left-most column (used by the check mark denoting an ‘observed’ object). A “10pm” would appear over the next object only when that object is the first to Transit in the 10pm hour i.e. it could be several objects further down the list. Then again, perhaps several objects later a little 11pm, etc.  My workaround for this is that I can visually see highlighted Observation List objects close to the highlighted Meridian line (and then forward in Time if I have to) but it'd be nice to have the request above within the Observation List itself.  


  • Speaking of the leftmost columns within Custom Observation Lists, I’d love to see the beautiful thumbnails currently in the Common Object Lists and Advanced Search screens -appear in Custom Observing Lists as well. As noted in #1 above, the real estate is currently taken by the checkmark for observed objects but maybe there can be a different way to denote 'observed' or perhaps have a toggle?


  • For DSOs, It would be nice to be able to Sort/Filter in ‘Advanced Search’ and also 'Common Object Lists' & Custom Observing Lists’ in a more granular way. Currently there is no way to sort/filter by Object Type in 'Custom Observing Lists'
  1. Galaxies: Spiral, Elliptical, Irregular  [Requested for both 'Advanced Search' and 'Custom Observation Lists']
  2. Clusters: Globular, Open [Already in 'Advanced Search' but not in 'Custom Observation Lists']
  3. Nebulae: Dark, Bright, Planetary [Already in 'Advanced Search' but not in 'Custom Observation Lists']
  4. "Deep Sky Objects" within 'Common Object Lists' [Request to split into Galaxies, Star Clusters, Nebulae] 
  5. If the development requested for Transit Time is feasible (i.e. grouping by hour of Transit Time), perhaps consider grouping by Object Type as a selectable option. 

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    Bill Tschumy

    Thanks for the suggestions.  I will see if we can implement some of them in SS6.

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