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Joystick/gamepad wireless support

Joystick/gamepad wireless support? (so that you can keep your eye on the eyepiece when centering an object)

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    Ron Kramer

    Sorta ...  I could use joystick with EQMOD,  I don't really want another device in my hand other than IOS sky safari - but I get what you're saying abuot the tap on glass (blindly) to slew.  Here is an idea.  What about using  device physical buttons to slew. I hate touching the screen to control games and even to slew. 

    I have four buttons on my iphone 7+   Not sure if it's possible to  TAKE OVER those buttons in a app. (well I think the cameras do).  Once we close the app they can be restored to normal function.  I doubt apple would allow that - but if possible.  I see a easy  LEFT / RIGHT on each side and even a UP DOWN above the left button on the left side of the phone.  Wishful thinking. = (  


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