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What Is The SkySafari Protocol For Initialization Of Astro-Physics Mounts?

I have a Mach One mount that I like to control with Sky Safari.

Is there a protocol for initialization of Astro-Physics mounts with Sky Safari on a MacBook or an iPad so

that I can dispense with the A-P hand box?


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    Bill Tschumy

    The release we put out last week (5.3.1) has code to initialize the AP CP4 mounts.  It will un-Park the mount and set the time and location if needed.  When you disconnect from the mount you are asked if you want to put it in Park 4 position.

    The AP folks think this will allow you to dispense with the hand controller.

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    Robin Clark

    Here is the announcement of this feature as posted on the AP-GTO Yahoo Group:

    "The new Sky Safari Plus and Pro v. 5.3.1 and Luminos v 9.2 now have the ability to initialize and park any of our GTO mounts. They are now available for download.

    Check out the following link for further info. I put this together quickly, so the pics aren’t as good as I would like, but it will serve the purpose for now."

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