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SkyFi not connecting to wifi home network

Philippe Dussert

Aug 20, 09:35 EDT


After several months of fine working with SkySafari 5 Pro my SkyFi does not connect to the wifi home network. The red light stay ON. I've previously noted before this failure an abnormal long time to connect the home network like 5 to 10 mn or even more to get the green light and to see SkyFi in the list of available network. Reset has no action except to switch OFF the red light. No IP adress from my home router.

Thanks to help my to solve this issue



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    Bill Tschumy


    Does the SkyFi still work in the normal Ad Hoc mode?  It should fall back to Ad Hoc if it is unable to join your network.  Since the red light is staying on, it sounds like this might not be working either.

    Can you get to the SkyFi settings page at  If so try switching back to the Ad Hoc and see if that works.

    You should also try reinstalling the firmware to see if that fixes things.  This page will give instructions.

    If reinstalling the firmware doesn't fix the problem then it sounds like a hardware failure.  If the SkyFi was purchased less than a year ago it will be under warranty and we should be able to help you out.  We no longer have any SkyFi 2 units but could offer a discount on SkyFi 3.


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    Philippe Dussert

    Hello Bill,

    My SkyFi is completely silent. It does not display AdHoc network and can not access to SkyFi web page. No more results after reinstalling the firmware. This is probably a components failure.

    Remember the failure of the two previous SkyFi. The first immediatly after powering it on a 12 V power set and replaced under garanty, by Teleskop Exress.The 2nd when powered with 4 AA cells. Maybe due to a wrong serial connection since the connecting cables supplied with SkyFi are not serial RS232 and not suitable for the RJ12 serial port of Gemini 2. Being out of garanty TS accepted to supply a 3rd SkyFi with a substantial discount..This last one worked during a few months on a 7.5 V. power set and connected to Gemini 2 with the Losmandy serial cable using the short supplied SkyFi cable to interface the RJ12 port to DB9 connection of the cable.

    As soon as the failure happen I thought it was irreparable and ordered a SkyBT. I received it yesterday and connected it to Gemini 2 with the serial Losmandy cable previously used for SkyFi connection. It works fine with SkySafari 5 Pro on both Samsung Smartphone and Tablet. I understood that care must be taken for powering it from a 5 V set only when rechargeable batteries are installed.

    Do you know Windows planetarium like TheSkyX suitable for Bluetooth interface?


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    Bill Tschumy


    Wow, SkyFi doesn't seem to be working well for you.  This sounds like a power problem that is blowing out some component in the SkyFi.  I have seen strange problems with SkyFi when both the mount and the SkyFi are powered by the same 12v battery.  Seems to be some strange ground loop current from the mount.  But I see you have also had problem when powering off of 4 AA.

    Glad to hear the SkyBT is working.

    I'm afraid I don't know is The Sky can talk over Bluetooth.  You will need to ask Software Bisque.

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