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Celestron Evolution and Sky Safari Alignment with a Wedge Issue

I am trying to use an Apple IPad and SkySafari to align and control a Celestron Nextstar Evolution 8HD telescope that is equipped with StarSense and SkyPortal. Every time I try to perform an alignment with SkySafari the "Mount Type" resets from "Equatorial GoTo (Fork)" back to "Alt-Az. GoTo". I have the Scope Type set to "Celestron Wi-Fi" in the Setup and I am performing the operation with Direct Connect. As soon as I try to perform the "Connect and Align" function, the Mount Type resets to "Alt-Az GoTo" and the telescope acts like it is trying to perform an Alt-Az. alignment. Am I missing something or is there an issue with the program? The Connect and Align function using a Wedge seems to be working correctly in SkyPortal. These programs look to be almost the same, however, the SkySafari has a couple of additional options that I would like to use. Your help and/or advice will be appreciated.

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    Bill Tschumy


    I have reported this problem to Celestron in the past and have suggested a fix.  I will ping them again to see if that the fix is correct.

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