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Celestron Evolution will not Stay Connected to SkySafari or SkyPortal

I have an issue with my WiFi connection to a new Celestron Evolution 8HD telescope that I cannot figure out.  When I use the telescope with the SkySafar or SkyPortal programs the WiFi connection gets corrupted over time.  The tablet or IPhone starts disconnecting and it continues to get worse until the telescope will not stay connected at all to the tablet or the IPhone.  Initially the disconnect periods will occur at 20 to 40-minute intervals but the disconnection will become more frequent through the course of a few hours until the telescope will only stay connected for a couple of minutes or just will not connect at all.

I have had this problem with IPads and IPhones running OIS and two different Samsung tables running Android operating systems.  I have not been able to identify exactly what will correct the problem.  One time reloading the firmware corrected the problem.  After two nights of operation the disconnection issue returned.  Reloading the firmware again did not fix the problem.  The next action that fixed the problem was pressing the reset button.  This fix worked for a couple of days but when the disconnection problem started reoccurring pressing the reset did not fix the problem.  In the past resetting the SkyPortal AIS camera has not fixed the problem but it just occured last night (August 31, 2017) and after trying everything else resetting the AIS camera appears to have cleared the problem and I can again connect to the telescope with WiFi and it is staying connected for now.  

This is very frustrating because after thinking I have the problem fixed I take the telescope out and sped 40 minutes to an hour setting it up then this issue develops.  Then I waste most of; if not all, of the rest of the night trying to get the control system to work.  I have only had about 10 good viewing nights since I purchased this telescope back in early June and I have spent 7 of those nights fighting this connection problem.  Is anyone else having this problem and/or does anyone know of a fix?  I am not getting any solutions that completely fix the problem from Celestron technical support.

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    Bill Tschumy


    I don't know of a fix.  I do know that Celestron has replaced the Wi-Fi radio in some Evolution mounts and this has often corrected the issue.  This is not a software problem and I'm afraid you will likely have to work with Celestron to correct it.

    Possibly someone else on this list has a possible fix.  If so I love to hear about it.

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