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Scope Setup Comm Settings for SkyWire Connection between iPad and SkyWatcher Mounts

Hello, all,

I am wondering whether or not I can connect my iPad mini to my SkyWatcher mounts via SkyWire Lightning Serial Accessory, which I will purchase.

It is still unclear for me how I can designate SkyWire in my SkySafari 5 Plus iOS version, because SkySafari Scope Setup Comm Settings shows

connect via WiFi only.

It seems to me that no Serial connection wired is available for SkySafari 5 Plus.

It would be appreciated if someone inform me a solution.


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    Bill Tschumy

    When you plug a SkyWire in, it will automatically take precedence over the Wi-Fi.  No configuration necessary.

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    Hello, Mr. Tschumy,

    I appreciate your prompt reply. That is what I wanted to confirm.

    I have a USB-to-Serial cable (USB A-to-RJ11 with TTL level conversion from 5V to 3.3V) so-called "an EQDIRECT cable".

    My Windows XP (32bits) PC (with a FTDI driver installed) can recognize this cable, and control the SkyWatcher SynScan mounts directly.

    My android OS5.1 phone (without any driver installed) can also recognize the cable, and control the mounts directly too.

    My iOS10.3 iPad mini, however, cannot recognize the cable (Lightning-to-USB A-to-RJ11), which I believed it was"SkyWire-equivalent".

    But now I understand that SkyWire is something different from the EQDIRECT cable, because SkyWire can be detected by iOS automatically.

    Thank you again for your quick response.

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    Bill Tschumy

    You cannot use a USB-to-Seral adapter with SkyWire.  These adapters normally require drivers installed to work and yo can't install drivers on the iOS device or on the SkyWire.

    Yes, SkyWire is a very special cable that works only with SkySafari (by Apple's requirement).

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