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I have asked if there is a windows version. The answer was a definitive NO.  I gather that there is a work around using OS emulators on Windows but having had some experience with this solution in the education sector in Scotland, I would imagine that it is somewhat problematical.  The various education departments eventually realised that children leaving school would very rarely come across a solely Mac environment apart from some specialised workplaces some as graphic arts.  They have now all moved to a Windows environment.  Having been in the IT industry for the past 40 years, MAC only environments have almost disappeared in  business. Whether this is good or bad is a debatable issue.  


I don't know how other Simulation Curriculum software users feel, but I would find it extremely useful to have a Windows version. I know that this won't be a simple task but one well worth pursuing. 

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    Keiron Smith Official comment


    What do you want to see on Windows?  Starry Night software is compatible with WIndow 7/8/10/Vista + Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.  In addition, Starry Night Education is also available for iOS, Android, Chromebook.  Plus, Starry Night Education is also now Web delivered - meaning if you have one of the supported (standard) browsers then you can run SNWeb in that way too.  Given that we have every possible platform covered I don't understand how you came to receive a definitive "no" regarding support for WIndows OS.  If you want, you can now run SNWeb on any Windows OS using a standard Chrome/FireFox/IE/Safari browser.

    Please explore our offerings and contact us for further information:

    Whatever platform you need, we have you covered.


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