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Skysafari 5 Pro error message, pic not available

 I recently upgraded from Skysafari 4 Plus to Skysafari 5 Pro.  So far,everything I've tried including using the SkyBT with my Android tablets, works very well.  it seems to be faster and smoother operation as well as including MANY more items.


I did have an issue recently though.  I tried looking at info for the Medusa planetary nebula, Abell 21 and although the text was there, there was no picture.  There was the normal link to see an expanded picture but when I clicked on it I got the message, "This image is only available with the Pro and Plus versions of Skysafari, not the Lite version..."  Why am I seeing this message since I have the Pro version? Is this just an app glitch?

It has me wondering if there is a problem with my license.  When I used to open Skysafari 4 Plus a message always popped up saying the app was licensed.


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