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Why Is Skysafari 5 Not As Accurate As Meade Autostar Hand Controller

Hi all -

I was noticing that when I use SkySafari to move my Meade LX90 telescope to view a star, that it’s not as accurate as when I use my Meade Autostar controller directly.

Oftentimes the desired object is at the edge of my eyepiece, as opposed to being more centered when using Autostar.

Does anyone know why there's a difference?  Note that I've already asked SkySafari support and they asked me to post the question here, since they didn't know the answer.



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Jim,

    1. In your comparison using SkySafari 5 vs the Meade Autostar hand controller, are you using the latter while SkySafari is connected to the Meade hand controller.  Or, is this comparison using the Meade hand controller alone without having SkySafari connected?
    2. How are you aligning the Meade telescope?  What process, what stars, etc?  Please provide specific details.
    3. There is an option in SkySafari to "Align" on an object.  So, if the desired object is at the edge of the eyepiece you can center it in the eyepiece and then chose to align on it.  Please also try this next time and see whether this correct for the offset encountered.


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