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SkySafari Plus + StarSense + Celestron HD Edge

 Now I m really confused.

When i initially started using SkySafari and connected to my telescope. I am pretty sure that the initial option was connect and calibrate. Using this meant that the initial calibration and using goto on an object would mean that I have to align starsense with the telescope. Now I think I managed to do this on two objects but the tablet locked up and when I restarted the options I have now are connect and align. I assume its because the telescope thinks I have successfully carried out the initial calibration on two objects. Which I have not tested yet?. Now i thought that I had to do the calibration after. So not sure where I am now. Now assuming all is ok. When I startup again do I align now and then use go to because the calibration option has disappeared unti lI chose align then i can align or calibrate. Not sure where I am now. Please excuse the vague ness of this post but I am really frustrated and confused?.

Ideally i need to talk to someone but I suppose that's not possible?.

Ok assuming I can just use align and go to next time. How can I remove old alignments that I created in error and are probably wrong when I had not set the location and time correctly. It says I have 6 - 10 used but ideally i am going to run out at sometime. Don't think using the HC works with this problem in skysafari. Im expecting a method somewhere in settings but alas no. Help appreciated.


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