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sky wire and SKY commander xp4 dec


  i have a Skiwire connector that i have had for a couple of years. I was trying to connect to an older sky commander DSC which i have had for 14 years. Never got it to work. I am getting a replacement sky commander DSC the new version xp4 which comes with a serial cable. Can i use the Skiwire i have to connect to it or do i need something different  another cable ? i think i am not the first to do so. I have sky safari pro version 5 on an iPhone?


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    Bill Tschumy

    If the serial cable that comes with the Sky Commander is for connecting to a PC (via a USB-to-Serial adapter) then it should work fine.


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    Thomas Aldern

    I confirm that the XP4 and provided serial cable works fine.

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