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Spinoff from SkySafari into a Lunar App

OK, I use SkySafari 5, Twilight & Moon, MoonGlobe Pro and MoonMap Pro. Happy with some features in each one but obviously it is a pain using all 4 apps.

If Simulation Curriculum takes pity on us Lunatics and make an app as a spin off from Sky Safari with some added features, it would be an awesome app.


List of features I'd like:

A monthly calendar view which shows Twilight Start / End, Sun Rise / Set and Moon Rise / Set along with the moon phase whereby you click on each date and you get the info. 

High resolution lunar map which allows you to select no flip, horizontal flip, vertical flip or both (to have the orientation you want of the image).

Ability to download and render additional maps of the entire moon (e.g. the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission's color-coded digital elevation model map).

Names appearing on the map of features and the more you zoom in, smaller features are also named.

A search function for features on the moon with results including A TON of information on each feature. I'd like some serious information here, not just a few lines.

A special tab which focuses solely on features currently visible on the terminator for each evening (your "tonight's best" list).

Alerts and tables showing when specific features will be visible from your location (e.g. Lunar X and Lunar V).

Eclipse alerts and transit alerts for a limited selection of bright stars, planets, sun and ISS.

Libation, Illumination and Terminator information (obviously with electable date and time feature)..

Last and most important on my list is a collaboration with Alan Chu to add a lot of information from his Photographic Moon Book.






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    Bill Tschumy


    SS5 already does many of the times you ask for:

    We already use the LRO high res map in Pro.  You can flip the view to match your scope using the popup panel you get when tapping the blue FOV label in the upper right of the chart.

    If you turn on Settings > Solar System > with Surface Labels, you will get the lunar features labeled.  They are all searchable.  We don't have a TON of info on each feature though.

    We do show Libration and Illumination information in the Object Info on the Moon

    We are hoping to add a monthly calendar in SkySafari 6.



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    Ellen Papenburg

    I would love a moon Atlas and extreme libration alert. So a spin-off would be nice for sure.

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