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New Celestron Evolution 8HD With Starsense Issues

Hi All

I've been banging my head all weekend with a new New Celestron Evolution 8HD With Starsense

To keep things simple the Mount Only was tested on various devices.  Using manual alignment and Latest Sky Safari Pro 5

Some of the problems

Exactly 30 sec random frequent lockups on Ipad Air 2 on IOS 10
Random but shorter lock ups on Star portal, Less but still frequent lockups on IOS 11.11 (latest)
After IOS Update to 11.11 Alignment points aren't reset even after full shut down, alignments are added until 10 out of 10 used,
Iphone 6S Plus, IOS 11.02 Pro 5 less & shorter lockups

Ipad & Iphone, Pressing direction and catching menu tab item results in runaway slew, Exit menu & hit direction button to stop, (slew limits are ignored)
Changing settings, eg enabling telrad, adjusting max slew rate resulted in loss of alignment.

Cannot get access point mode to connect to Airport or D-Link Router (secure/wep/wpa/open) DHCP all tested
Wifi access point/direct connect switch has no effect, Direct connect available in both positions and  SSID Celestron 2D always visible

Mount randomly appears to be confused on final (fine slewing) of goto, Sounds like the stepper motors on an running inkjet printer, redoing goto or slewing scope silence the motors.

These are just some of the issues, any comments,?



PS, I have obviously done all the resets, clears, reloads etc for each situation.




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