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Celestron Audio and object description on the Planetarium page

First, I love SkySafari... I love the Celestron Audio feature.

But, why does the audio cutoff when you center the object?

And, why settle for just the objects Celestron thinks should be described. This program has  great description for most planets and deep sky objects. Use a synthetic voice to read the description AND have the description vocalized when it is centered on the planetarium page.  That is when you are at the eyepiece looking at the object. That is when ears (audio) can provide a second channel for learning.



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    Bill Tschumy


    I don't think I've ever tried centering when the Celestron audio is playing.  It quits because the screen that is playing the sound disappears.  This also happen if you hit Done while playing the sound.  I suppose we could fix this by moving the playing logic to another part of the program.  I will put tat on the list of things to look into.

    I have experimented with using text-to-speech for the descriptions.  It has almost always been a bad experience.  The descriptions often have various "jargon" that the text-to-speech does a bad job on.

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