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Can't Connect Sky Safari 5 Pro to Starsense for Sky Watcher Mount with Andriod Phone


I recently purchased a SkyFi 3 for use with the Starsense for Sky Watcher Mounts.  I use it on an Orion Atlas Pro (In Alt/Az config).   I can connect and control the mount on a PC via the SkyFi 3 Wifi,  but not my phone which is a Samsung Note 8.  I connect to the SkyFi wifi network but when I press connect on the app it doesn't connect to scope.   Updated to latest firmware in both the starsense HC and SkyFi 3 module.  In Sky Safari 5 pro I select Orion Atlas/Atlas Pro for the scope and can't connect.  I tried all of the NextStar scopes. Nothing.    There isn't anything identifying Starsense as scope type.    Any idea? 



Orion Atlas Pro (Atl/Az Configuration) Mount

Starsense for Sky Watcher Mounts

Skyfi 3

Sky Watcher Esprit 120mm ED Triplet

Explore Scientific ED 102mm

Samsung Note 8 -Latest OS




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    Bill Tschumy

    You shouldn't have to identify the mount as having StarSense.  That is transparent to us. The StarSense for SkyWatcher is a bit of a chimera.  I don't immediately recall if you have to identify the mount as a SkyWatcher mount or NexStar (but it sounds as if you've tried both).  If I had to guess, I think you choose one of the Celestron NexStar ones.

    I'm pretty sure we have had customers make this work.  Depending on the scope type the option to "Set Time & Location" may or may not be enabled.  Tried turning it OFF if it is ON.

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