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Daily/no polar alignment


i wish to request a function to do a rougue polar alignment daily, or when polaris is not visible. The basic idea should to place the telephone in the RA axis (in the place of the polar scope) and the app guide me to the north/south pole. Basically the app should only tell me when the telephone is perpendicolar to the rotation axis.

In this way i would be able to mount all the stuff during the day and just refine via bigourdan before getting ready.

would that be possible?

thanks for advice

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    Bill Tschumy

    In general, I don't think the compass is accurate enough to do an proper alignment.  You can only expect around 3º-5º accuracy.  Placing the phone right up to a metal mount will further degrade the accuracy.

    To be honest, you are better off using a regular magnetic compass to find true north (knowing your magnetic declination).  Then adjust the mount's RA axis for the correct latitude.  You might be able to use one of the many "level" apps to get the correct angle.

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