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Celestron Star Sense auto align with MacOS app

I have SkySafari Pro 5 for my iPhone 7 plus running iOS 10 and on my MacBook Air running macOS Sierra however I'm having connection reliability issues with the iOS app where the connection drops a lot standing right next to the telescope. I decided to try and use the mac software which seems to stay connected better however, It doesn't seem to have an option to use the StarSense Auto Align Camera like the iOS app does. Do you have an estimate on when you will add this functionality over Celestron Wifi for macOS. I am also curios if there would be a way to use the star sense auto align with my mac over usb and if so what hardware I would need. my telescopes remote has a mini usb port that exposes a serial connection. not sure if I could use that.

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    Bill Tschumy


    As you have discovered, the Mac version does not support the StarSense when using the Celestron Wi-Fi option.  We don't have an estimate for when this will be supported, but it will be at least a year.

    If you want to use StarSense and control the mount from a Mac, you will have to use the hand controller to kick off a StarSense align and then use a wired connection from the Mac to the bottom of the StarSense hand controller.  This would be a USB to mini-USB cable (assuming your StarSense HC has the mini-USB on the bottom).  If you must go wireless, you would need something like our SkyFi 3 connected to the bottom of the hand controller.

    If you are having connectivity problems, I encourage you to contact Celestron Support.  They have experience troubleshooting those issues.


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