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Orion Starseeker IV +SN7 Run as Administrator Required For Orion Ascom Drive Options In The Telescope Chooser Drop Down Menu

I have an Orion Starseeker IV 127mm MakCas. I down loaded Starrynight Orion SE 7, Skywatcher (6.0.6262), and Ascom Platform 63. I have Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron. After clicking "telescope control" on the Starrynight home page and then clicking "configure" to operate the telescope there were zero telescope options to choose from in the drop down menu. To fix this issue I closed out of the Starrynight page and went back to the desk top. I right clicked the Starrynight icon and then clicked "Run as Administrator" this gave me a number of options in the drop down menu telescope chooser. I then clicked "skywatcher telescope." This allows me to control the movement of the telescope from my computer. 



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