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What cabling is required to connect an iPhone running SkySafari to a Celestron StarSense Handset?

am trying to use my iPhone w/SkySafari 5 Plus to control my Celestron NexStar 5 SE with StarSense camera and Handset. I tried using a straight USB connection between the phone & HS, and StarSense did not recognize it. However, SkySafari does not have a "hardwire" option in the settings, so I'm not sure if the SkySafari setup is correct. When trying to connect, I get a "SS 5 Plus cannot make a wifi connection..." message. What is the cabling setup works? My backup will be to use your SkyWireLightning cable without the StarSense attached & normal HS.

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    Bill Tschumy

    The only "hardwired" connection that is supported on iOS is using SkyWire.  However, this will not work with the new USB jack on the bottom of the StarSense HC.  Some people try to get this to work by putting a USB-to-Serial adapter in between the two, but this will not work.

    The only option I know of is to use our SkyFi wireless adapter.  It knows how to talk to a USB port.

    As you've surmised, if you want to use the SkyWire, you will have to revert to using the older hand controller with an RS-232 port on the bottom.

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