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SkySafari, Celestron AVX and SkyWire

I use SkySafari 5 with Celestron SkyPortal WiFi. It disconnect frequently and I can't use the Nexstar+ hand controller to do polar alignment.

Can I use SkySafari 5 to align my Celstron AVX mount with SkyWire and use the Nexstar+ hand controller simultaneously? Can I do polar alignment with the Nexstar+ hand controller and continue using SkySafari 5 connected though SkyWire?


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    Bill Tschumy


    Yes, this is one of the advantages to connecting through the hand controller (via SkyWire or SkyFi).  You can seamlessly switch between using the HC and SkySafari.  That is not possible when connecting via Celestron Wi-Fi.

    Note that you need to make sure your hand controller is not one of the newer ones with an USB connection on the bottom rather than an RS-232.  The SkyWire doesn't work with USB.  The SkyFi, on the other hand, does.

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    Thanks Bill.

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