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Mac OS X

Hello, I read that the MacOSX version of Sky Safari is "half-baked" so do all the features not work using a MBP vs. the iPad or iPhone?

I haven't look real hard yet but I have a  Meade LX 200 10" that I bought used in 2009, I believe. It has a small control but never really used it and do traditional star-hopping but I thought I may enjoy the find feature. Will that old of a scope work with the controllers from this company, both wired and wifi? Also will it work with the Mac? I suppose I could use my iPad as well.



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    Bill Tschumy


    I'm really not sure what you you've heard of as being half-baked.  The Mac version (IMO) is every bit as polished as the iOS version.

    Tell me the firmware version on the Meade.  I believe anything from 2009 should work just fine.

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