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Push-to arrow and alignment issues also improvements?

17.5 dob w/Sky Commander Ipad mini. SkySafari5 pro 1.When in push-to mode the arrow is hard to find sometimes, it disappears behind the scope control popup window, it disappears when the object hits the screen and won't reappear. It would be great if the arrow was larger and stayed on screen until the object was centered. Help? 2. If I pinch the screen it toggles the lock/unlock. Any way to change this? 3.Program crashes randomly and appears to change settings when it's restarted. 4.I align on Polaris and Arcturus w/Sky Commander, then try and realign close to Pluto and get the too far from position "Command Error". Any chance there will be a change to allow sloppier realignment?


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    Bill Tschumy


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. I will see what we can do to make the arrow more visible and easier to use.

    2. I might be able to fix this.  In the meantime, if you use the +/- zoom buttons this shouldn't happen

    3. I need more specifics about this.  A log file would also help.  After the crash, restart and go to the botton of the Help screen and choose "Email log file".  Send it to yourself and then send it to me directly at "bill at simcur dot com"

    4. Don't know about this one.  If we allow more slop, it is likely the model just won't be accurate.  You need to figure out why there is this sloppiness. Are you sure yo actually had Pluto selected who trying to align on it?  That is a common mistake.

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