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"Set Time & Location" in Telescope Setup leads Skysafari 5 pro to a wrong position using Skyfi 2

I use a Celestron Nexstar 4 SE, Starsense with a serial adapter, Skyfi 2 (FW 2.3.1), Skysafari 5 pro on an iPad pro, except Skyfi all components have the latest updates.

If I activate "set time & location" in the skysafari telescope setup and and connect skysafari via the Wifi adhoc network prior telescope autoaligning, the correct time will be transferred. After autoaligning with the hand controller (only "connect" not "connect and align" is shown in sky safari primarly), the telescope is correct aligned and does perfect gotos with the handcontroller. Not so skysafari, which points to a completely different region farther west, a sky safari align is not possible due to the big difference. This is also the case when I connect skysafari after an autoaligment.

If I don't activate "set time & location" in skysafari, everything works fine, skysafari points to the same direction as the telescope. Unfortunately the time is not transferred. Should I update the firmware of Skyfi 2 to version 2.3.3 to correct this error or does a different solution exist for this problem?

By the way, you say that Skyfi 2 does not work with the USB-Starsense hand controller. Is this really true, as the Skyfi firmware 2.3. already supports USB for the Prolific Technology PL-2303 chipset, which is suggested to connect the Mac directly to the new starsense USB-handcontroller.

Is there a way to transfer an object with the observation date from one skysafari custom observing list to another one?

Last but not least it would be fine, if the object thumbnails could also be seen in the custom serving list on IOS based devices like the iPhone similar to the appearance on the mac.

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    Bill Tschumy



    I think you may have something setup wrong.  You are connecting using SkyFi but the options "Connect" and "Connect & Align" are only available when using the Celestron Wi-Fi scope type.  The Celestron Wi-Fi is what you must use when connecting to Celestron's own Wi-Fi dongle (or an Evolution mount).

    You want to chose "Celestron NexStar GPS/SLT/SE" as the scope type.

    The SkyFi 2 doesn't work with the new Celestron USB hand controllers.  We have not tried to figure out why exactly because we are no longer developing for SkyFi 2 and there won't be future firmware updates.

    We can see about adding the thumbnails to observing lists in SkySafari 6.  It is a bit tricky because there isn't enough room to have both thumbnails and the checkmark (to mark observed) on the smaller phones.


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